Art Direction Level : Advanced

5 years experience as an Art Director working for major international agencies and clients. Hands on skills with Adobe and Autodesk products.

Graphic Design Level : Advanced

20 years experience designing, 15 of which are as a professional. Photoshop and Illustrator are my left and right hands.

Interactive Design Level : Advanced

5 years experience as a Flash Developer. Thinking about navigation systems and UI is second nature to me.

Print Design Level : Intermediate

Every now and again I get to dabble with In Design. I love branding and brochure design.

Web Design Level : Intermediate

I love responsive layouts but I don't hand code any more. I prefer Art Directing and playing with my crayons.

Advertising Level : Intermediate

5 years spent as a Creative Director at Publicis and Wunderman. I love playing with great ideas that drive the creative and design.

3D Visualisation Level : Intermediate

10 years experience of using Max but I use it as visualision tool to add some diversity to my skills.

Motion Graphics Level : Intermediate

10 years of using After Effects and I'm still learning about what it can do. It's one of those tools where sometimes the technology can drive the creative.

Sound Engineering Level : Basic

I'm a keen guitarist and I have been playing for about 20 years. I enjoy sound recording, performing and producing little ditties in Cubase and Sound Forge.

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